Growing up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, I developed an appreciation for architecture and street photography.   My Father was a photographer and would carry his camera everywhere.   Whether it was Central Park, Lincoln Center, or Greenwhich Village,  he taught me how to see art in everything and everyone.  

I eventually fine tuned my photographic skills as a photojournalist with the Rockland County Journal News. And most recently, having two beautiful children, my passion for capturing images and telling stories with my camera has risen to new heights.

I love photographing people, landscapes, wildlife, nature,  and art.  I also apply my passion for photography, cinematography, and architecture into creating stunning images and high definition videos tours for showcasing properties.   

I embrace technology and enjoy using the latest gear that's out there. I'm constantly learning from industry leaders and working on my craft.   Mastering photography is a journey...not a destination.   

When I'm not taking photos, I like to play guitar and piano, be in nature, and spend time with my family.  

I am grateful for the opportunity to capture images of the world around me.  And inspiring people with my photography is my greatest reward.

Thanks for stopping by.

Steven Dolinsky

Nyack, New York



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